From cover to cover and border to border this book will have you turning pages and gulping black coffee way into the night!

By Jim Gilliam, Author

At the Gates of Walhalla is like Collateral Damage with Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Star Chamber with Michael Douglas, interwoven with just about any Steven Segal movies you’ve seen. Being a huge fan of all those guys, it follows that I’ve become a huge fan of Justen Forge. The development of the main character Kurt Sorensen is particularly well done. After reading this book, you will view Canada, our neighbor to the north, and its people in a new and different light. If you’re looking for a different slant on the border drug war that is currently raging out of control, read this book. I can’t wait for Justen Forge’s next book!


Excellent Thriller with Real Life Undertones

By Simplelife1967 

Received this as a gift and was surprised by the reading enjoyment.

Excellent Thriller with Real Life Undertones . . . Justin Forge has created a fictional thriller that hinges on the real issues in our society today, while still captivating the readers imagination and keeping the pages turning. Vividly written, Forge takes you to Mexico, to Texas and to Canada, all of which is clearly imagined within the readers mind as they travel with Kurt. His descriptive language and exemplary writing take you on a journey through deception, drug cartels, conspiracies, and Kurt’s own struggles. At the Gates of Walhalla has robust writing, a fantastic plot that keeps your attention and curiosity peaked throughout the book. The question is what is evil and who is evil, that is the greatest surprise. Exceptional reading . . . recommended for anyone who enjoys a great thriller.



By Kevin L. Freeman “Kevin” (Sacramento)

“At the Gates of Walhalla” is a story that many of us can identify with, in our continually struggling world. Not only did I find this read a swiftly moving page-turner, but I found myself growing genuinely fond of the main characters who join together to fight an unbeatable enemy to preserve their families, friends, and rural border town from a corruption that runs far deeper than they had imagined.

“At the Gates of Walhalla” combines the action and intrigue of a Hollywood hit like The Substitute, and combines it with the values and patriotism that lend a great deal of credibility and believability to the characters, the dialogue, and the well timed plot.

Many thanks to Justen Forge for producing such rich descriptions, painstaking accuracy and continuity, and an all-around 5 star read. Delightful!


By Lee Merrin 

Tagging this for a movie! Scenes move fast, suspenseful. Would like to see this developed for a major motion picture. Secondarily, the book can be used as the basis for a TV series!


Put At The Gates of Walhalla on your reading list!

By Marcia Harper- Fullerton (England)

From the opening chapter you know you are hooked on that unputdownable journey. A simple domestic scene that turns into tragedy, enough to make your eyes wet. There is tension in this thriller and the writer is a master suspense builder. History of people, time and place are threads woven cleverly into present day. I liked how there were interludes between tension where knowledge of subjects was evident. In every interlude there is deeper insight. For me this book has that “faction factor”. There is a depth of knowledge the author has across a vast range of subjects. Coupled with intrigue, suspense and tension, if you like a good thriller, put At The Gates of Walhalla on your reading list.


A Story of Pain, Defiance, Discovery and Courage

By K Abel “BookDiva” (Kansas)

Justen Forge has produced a good thriller with At the Gates of Walhalla by crafting a story that grips and then holds on to the very last page. Intriguing and accurate without bogging down in detail, Forge brings together a story of pain, defiance, discovery and courage. The twists and surprises that Forge adeptly weaves through At the Gates of Walhalla are sharp and well-crafted. A very satisfying read.


I Could Have Read All Night

By  Diane M. 

I could have read all night. But, even insomniacs need to get some sleep. This was the kind of book that made me wish I had nothing else in the world to do but read. The story was intriguing with a writing style that flowed like a gentle river. Descriptions were amazing in the pictures they made but they were crafted like poetry. This a book that has followed me around and caused some thinking in directions not taken before. I not only recommend it, I encourage thoughtful readers to add it to their short list of books to read.


A fab read.

By smeeth At the Gates of Walhalla by Justen Forge is an extremely interesting read, which won’t leave you disappointed. It tackles the very important issue of drug trafficking, from Mexico to the US and on to Canada. Justen Forge deals with this quite sensitive issue brilliantly, creating an air of conspiracy and suspicion. I found Kurt to be a fabulous character, wonderfully written & I really grew to like him as the book developed. This book will definitely keep you gripped. I didn’t put it down once. You should definitely buy this book, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Uncompromising Integrity

By Earl ONeal  

How does one adequately write a review on an author and his work without revealing too much?

It is a first rate piece of work. Justen Forge doesn’t attempt to sugar coat our problems that exist in the world. He makes his characters exactly what we meet in a day to day setting. He describes our outrage and disappointment concerning our elected officials, who are willing to compromise their integrity. Our author not only has a story to tell that is thought provoking, but it starts one to thinking. When does it become necessary for ordinary citizens to take back what is rightly theirs? No matter what occurs there are always consequences for one’s actions, and this is the crux for the storyline of the book.

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